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intercomCompany "InterCom Computers" was founded in 1995. PC Production program is completed by the design and implementation of computer information systems and computer networks. Working conditions are raised to a high level by the usage of modern information technology and investment primarily in high-quality staff and their training to provide our customers and users of our services with superior levels of service.

"InterCom Computers" seeks to enrich the imported components by using its own solutions. Through the concept of "final solutions" the offer of "InterCom Computers" includes all stages from design to implementation - selection of appropriate hardware, software, installation, application implementation, maintenance and service.

Sales and work with hardware, i.e. sales of ready-made configurations and components, is still our primary area of ​​activity, and it is paid the most attention. Great attention is paid to the originality and quality of the components that are installed. In addition to that, we possess a number of certificates of originality and quality of built-in components, training and qualification for most complex projects.

To have the full operations of the company functioning at a high level, our personnel consists of 4 (four) engineers, 11 (eleven) electrical engineers - servicers, as well as additional administrative staff (3).

Constant investment in fixed assets of company we have reached the level of proficiency that at any moment we can make the most technologically demanding types of repairs. As an example of this we can mention the ability to repair computer motherboards, monitors, hard drives servicing with the previous data recording, BGA soldering.

Since 2005, we have raised IWIS wireless network in Sumadija – Morava region with 3500 users and more than 250 access points across the region. We continue to expand with the increase of the number of access points as well as the raising of the speed and quality of the Internet.

- 2004: Signed the contract with GEMALTO for Serbia on the sale of electronic smart card reader, and other digital solutions for the person identification.
- 2007: Signed the contract with 2D Soft Novi Sad on advocacy, support and sales of software solutions for the retail, catering and hotel industry in central Serbia.
- 2011: First certified MIKROTIK trainer in Serbia, and a center for training and certification.
- 2013: Signed the contract with ASBIS Cyprus on servicing Prestigio tablets and telephones for the whole territory of Serbia in two locations: Belgrade and Cuprija.
- 2014: Signed the contract on representation and sale of software solutions of Smilesoft Company for various processes in the operations of each company as well as solutions for Android and IOS platforms at the request of the users.
- 2014: Signed the contract with Spirit Technology Development Co., Ltd at CEBIT, on the sale of lines of thermal printers in the Serbian market from portable to industrial printers with a focus on the POS printers.

What next? We will try to maintain the quality of service at a high level and to offer new services that are not present in this area... we are looking forward to the success...